Giving Voice

In my book I talk about the incredible opportunity we have for giving voice to unresponsive dying people. While it is difficult to think about, I encourage you to have plans in place in case you need someone to be your voice for you.

Some suggested strategies include to:

1. Try to communicate as much as possible with your loved one so wishes and desires are known before someone becomes unresponsive

2. When unresponsive times occur, think about how you are going to give voice to your loved one. What should you be saying and to whom?

3. Make your funeral plans long before you die. Communicate the steps you have taken and the plans you want to your loved ones.

Dr. Richard Frank’s “Fighting Cancer with Knowledge and Hope”

I’m very interested in seeing a copy of this book and would urge you as well to look for it as it’s written by Dr. Richard Frank, Director of Mid-Fairfield Hospice in Connecticut. Dr. Frank’s book titled, “Fighting Cancer with Knowledge and Hope: A Guide for Patients, Families and Health Care Providers” was published this month by Yale University Press.

The book and a short interview were featured this week on and it sounds like it would be an extremely valuable resource for patients and providers.