Japan and UMCOR

The Japanese people need our help, as we all know.  There are many ways to help.  Whatever way you choose, please do something.  One option might be through the United Methodist Committee on Relief, better known in Methodist circles as UMCOR.  I am told that across the world, when people are in need, UMCOR is the first to arrive, and the last to leave.

However you help, please help.  Please pray, and never give up hope.


Listening to a lively commentary

One of the columns I enjoy most in our hometown newspaper, the Austin American-Statesman, is from Rev. Bob Lively, Teacher-in-Residence at First Presbyterian Church in Austin.  Pastor Bob’s commentary for this week was a true blessing for me in that the subject matter was the Journeys of Heartache and Grace: Conversations and Life Lessons from Young People with Serious Illnesses book.  Certainly I am grateful for the attention called to the book.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy the column and remember to search out Bob’s future articles.

With gratitude, Melody