Epiphany and More …

My hometown pastor from Port Lavaca, Texas, the wonderful Rev. Dr. Jim Mayfield, shared the following post-Christmas poem with me, and I wanted to pass it along. Here’s to many heartfelt blessings to all for health, serenity and the love of family and friends in the New Year and always.

by Jim Mayfield

There is more to life than Christmas so
the lights and star and manger scene
are exiled in old boxes for a while
like baby Jesus hiding for a time
in Egypt. As an infant he awoke
our deepest longings for a life
devoid of fear and full of hope.

But far more than longings,
we need grace full grown
to touch our crippled lives,
and lead us through our trials
and terror ridden days of grief.

Yet we dare not throw away
our Christmas lights and star.
Beginnings are so vital
all of us need more than one.
But beginnings by themselves
are always incomplete.
We need Epiphany ….. and more.