Help for Haiti

Yesterday I attended one of the most amazing memorial services I have ever had the privilege of witnessing.  It was A Service of Death and Resurrection for The Rev. Clint Rabb who died from injuries suffered in the Haiti earthquake after being buried in the rubble for nearly 70 hours.  Rev. Rabb cared deeply for the poor, the hungry, the disenfranchised and those less fortunate.  One of the survivors of the group talked at the service about Rev. Rabb’s care and concern for those confined with him who were also seriously hurt, despite his own critical and life-shortening injuries. 

In honor of all the Rev. Rabbs of our individual communities, may we each do our parts in caring for the people of Haiti who desperately need our help at this time.  Please give generously in whatever way you choose.  As the saying goes, every little bit helps.

In memory of Rev. Rabb and in support of his family, Melody