Was this really how we were supposed to live?

This week the following message was printed on the front of the bulletin at my home church, University United Methodist Church in Austin, Texas.  It resonated with me, and I wanted to pass it along.  Here’s to living they way we really want to.


The modern Western world is built on anxiety.

You see it on the faces of the people hurrying to work.

You see it even more as they travel home, tired but without having solved life’s problems.

The faces are weary, puzzled, living with the unanswerable question as to what it all means.

This world thrives on people setting higher and higher goals for themselves and each other,

so that they can worry all day and all year about whether they will reach them.

If they do, they will set new ones. 

If they don’t, they will feel they’ve failed. 

Was this really how we were supposed to live?

N. T. Wright, Luke for Everyone


A tribute to Diana Sue …

The people of the State Capitol in Texas are among the greatest in the world.  For the first 10 years of my professional career, I had the privilege of working in the Texas House of Representatives and then the Texas Senate, both for and with some of the smartest, most caring and hardest-working individuals I’ve ever known. 

One such person who will always be etched in my mind is Diana Sue Brown who unfortunately passed away from brain and breast cancer earlier this year.  She will be missed dearly for years to come by all who were blessed to know her and work in her company.  Ken Herman wrote a great piece in the Austin American-Statesman about Susie Brown, the messenger with a smile.

We’ll miss and remember you always, Diana Sue.  Thanks for making the Capitol a better place to be.

Written in memory of Diana Sue Brown, 1957-2010