Enjoy, engage, enliven.

Regardless of how you celebrate, enjoy this holiday season with hearts of joy for the remaining days of 2009, and in anticipation of a good 2010 New Year.  Engage with those around you, and enliven your world by helping those in need along their journeys.  Every little bit helps.

Happy holidays!!!


All is calm …

However you celebrate, the holiday season and wrapping up a full year can be stressful, as we all know.  There seems to be something counterintuitive about holidays being stressful, but it does happen.  Here’s a website with some good ideas for minimizing the frenetic pace and holiday excess called A Healthy Me!

All is calm.  Enjoy the season.  Melody

Books for the Browsing …

As we come upon the holiday season, however you celebrate and share with others, books are always a favorite.  For the Journeys book, I was blessed with the privilege of working with LangMarc Publishing, as I’ve mentioned on prior postings.  LangMarc Publishing is a great source for your holiday shopping in the way of great books.  Check out their library, including the most recent release, I Choose to be Happy: A School Shooting Survivor’s Triumph Over Tragedy by Missy Jenkins with William Croyle.

Happy reading, renewing and relaxing for you and yours this holiday season, as we look toward a healthy and peaceful 2010.  Melody