NYTimes Writer Dana Jennings Prostate Cancer

I’m so touched when I read such beautiful words on how someone is coping with their cancer diagnosis. The title of this piece published this week in the New York Times is, “Cancer in Winter, Optimism in Spring,” by writer Dana Jennings. I encourage you to read this piece as it’s a lovely reminder that day to day living is what is truly important no matter what the obstacle.

Healthcare Resources – MSNBC

This week MSNBC has been running an extremely informative series on cancer via the Today show.  The resources and information contained in the series have been extremely helpful, relevant and enlightening.  Perhaps you would like to take a look at the website for the series, and gain some personal wisdom in case you have been unable to catch the television segments.  Best wishes always, Melody

Dr. Richard Frank’s “Fighting Cancer with Knowledge and Hope”

I’m very interested in seeing a copy of this book and would urge you as well to look for it as it’s written by Dr. Richard Frank, Director of Mid-Fairfield Hospice in Connecticut. Dr. Frank’s book titled, “Fighting Cancer with Knowledge and Hope: A Guide for Patients, Families and Health Care Providers” was published this month by Yale University Press.

The book and a short interview were featured this week on Boston.com and it sounds like it would be an extremely valuable resource for patients and providers.