Knowing …

Below is a spiritual meditation about knowing that struck a chord with me.  Here’s to more real knowing in this New Year for all!


If I knew you and you knew me,

and each of us could clearly see

By that inner light divine

the meaning of your heart and mine;

I’m sure that we would differ less

And clasp our hands in friendliness,

If you knew me, and I knew you

Howard Thurman, Meditations of the Heart


A Must Read: Callins’ first novel

A dear friend of mine and first-time author, Cindy Callins, has a novel hot off the press called Under the Windmills.  Check it out; I hear it is great.  I’m looking forward to the read.  Melody



Welcome 2012!

Whatever your resolutions or aspirations for this New Year may be, many blessings.  Over the holidays I’ve read several wonderful books, and have come along many great questions and quotes, like: ‘Is it possible that you can live your whole life and never meet the person living your life?’ (attribution unknown).  What a wonderful question to ask ourselves, and begin to ponder, at the start of this New Year.

Poet Mary Oliver expresses this thought in another way in a line from her poem “When I Am Among the Trees“.  While I may have shared this poem in an earlier blog, this particular line deserves repeating and resurfacing on this January 1: “I am so distant from the hope of myself“.

Here’s to a wonderful New Year in which we connect the hopes and dreams for ourselves with ourselves.

Happy New Year, Melody