From grief to goodness …

This weekend marks the anniversaries of the deaths of two very important people to me.  One is an amazing young man, Christopher Ashmos, who will always be remembered as a tremendous son, grandson, brother, nephew, athlete and friend to countless.  Chris’s characteristic smile could light up any darkened rooms or hardened hearts.  Since Chris’s death, his parents have gone on to create the Chris Ashmos Memorial Scholarship to help young students enter college. 

This weekend also marks the anniversary of the death of my husband’s former long-time band assistant and dear friend, Dan Laufer.  Dan always will be remembered for many different things, including his tremendous love and zest for life, being a rascal comic, a gardener extraordinaire, and an amazing trumpet performer and teacher.  His mother and brother have created scholarships in his honor, including the giving away of trumpets to young people.

Here’s to all those who’ve lived beside us, gone before us, and most especially all the goodness that comes after their earthly lives.


A referral for ‘Letting Go’

This past week on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross, I heard an outstanding interview on end-of-life issues with Dr. Atul Gawande.  Dr. Gawande also authored a recent piece in The New Yorker entitled “Letting Go“.

Check out these works.  They are wonderful, and will go a long way in advancing the much-needed death and dying conversation for all of us.

Happy reading, Melody