‘I got kin in that body!’

Ancient mystic Hafiz said the following, and it speaks to me.  Maybe it will be so for you. 

Plant so that your own heart will grow

Love so God will think, “Ahhhhh, I got kin in that body!  I should start inviting that soul over for coffee and rolls

Sing because this is a food our starving world needs

Laugh because that is the purest sound

What is it?

Several weeks ago the following statement by the amazing Desmond Tutu, whose home in Africa I was blessed to see recently, ran on the cover of our church bulletin.  Perhaps it will mean something to you, as it does to me. 

“What is it that God asks of us?  It is simply that we make an effort to be loving toward one another even when we do not feel loving.  You have very little control over your feelings.  That’s why God didn’t say: “Like your enemy.”  It’s very difficult to like your enemy.  But to love your enemies is different.  Love is an action of the will, where you act loving even if you do not always feel loving …  Love is an action; love is something we do for others …  The extraordinary thing is that when you act lovingly you can begin to feel love … We don’t always feel like we are all God’s children.  At first we simply accept that we are all God’s children.  At first we simply accept this truth cerebrally and then begin to say: “This is my brother; this is my sister.”  But when we begin to act with this awareness, increasingly the feelings come, too.  One way to begin cultivating this ability to love is to see yourself internally as a center of love, as an oasis of peace, and as a pool of serenity with ripples going out to all those around you.”  

May we always be asking ourselves: “What is it that God asks of us?”

Blessings, Melody