Labor Day Blessings

One of my amazing pastors growing up in Port Lavaca, Texas was Rev. James L. Mayfield, United Methodist clergy.  Rev. Mayfield continues to influence my life in profound ways.  He recently shared with me and others a Labor Day sermon he  preached years ago.  It ended with this beautiful pastoral prayer that I wanted to pass along.  Blessings on this Labor Day.  Melody

Pastoral Prayer:  God, on this Labor Day weekend, we thank you for those whose labor provides us food and clothing and shelter. For those who labor to provide us not only with the education we need to earn a wage but also with an education that teaches us to think, for all those whose labor expands the boundaries of human knowledge and for those whose labor in the arts expands our sensitivity, we are grateful.

We give you thanks for those whose labor brings us laughter and entertainment, and we thank you for those who labor to keep society safe from harm and for all who work to change what is wrong, to preserve what is right and to make justice possible for all persons. We are grateful for those who work to bring healing to body and mind and for those who labor to bring healing in relationships. We thank you for those who labor to keep garbage from burying us, for those who do the essential work of cleaning that protects us from disease.

For all those who are willing to carry the burdens that come with trying to serve the public and whose labor contributes to our well-being and the well being of our society, we give you thanks. For all those whose labor serves us in some way, we are grateful.

All this we pray in the awareness of Christ and his labor of love on our behalf.  Amen.