Never Give Up on Dreaming

In the Journeys book, I talk about how nearly all the young people I interviewed had dreams they were trying hard to fulfill.  One of the favorite stories is called The Hooters Guy, and it is aptly named for a young high school student who wanted to graduate from high school and go to Hooters.  Even though he unfortunately died before he graduated, he definitely made it to Hooters, along with his mother, younger brother, hospice chaplain and nurse.  As I say in the last line of his story, indeed, the Hooters Guy had graduated.

Whether healthy, wrestling with life-threatening illnesses, caring for others, or dying ourselves, let us never give up on our goals or our dreams.  One of the ways we all can benefit from dreams is to start a dream journal.  Consider purchasing an inexpensive writing notebook or look for some recycled paper around your desk area.  Place it on your nightstand, and see what happens.  Good luck and Happy Dreaming, Melody