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Kimberlie Dykeman is an outstanding author (check out her website and great book called PURE SOAPBOX), television host, international spokesperson, producer, and speaker.  She recently sent me the following holiday toast called 2012 YOU

Happy Holidays, enjoy and salud!!

Hello, Melody!

No doubt, you chalked 2011 up to another year of roller coasters, curve balls and reality checks! Funny, even though we may not be best of pals or done business together, we are indeed still connected in fellowship, so I pray that in this final month of December you are confettied with blessings beyond belief.

Remember that this is the time to find joy and hope in your life and share it with others. To further understand the value of peace and bring its comfort to those in turmoil. To unwrap the love in your heart and express it to friend, family and stranger alike. To reflect, reenergize, and reboot the “2011 YOU” to emerge a brighter, bolder, better “2012 YOU”. Now, without further ado, my holiday toast to you:

Rescue braver. Spend wiser. Shine brighter.
Speak clearer. Follow closer. Breathe deeper.
Commit firmer. Pray forever. Trust freer.

Laugh fuller. Befriend gentler. Celebrate grander.
Fly higher. Treat kinder. Donate larger.
Sleep longer. Sing louder. Forgive quicker.

Share richer. Plan simpler. Reply sooner.
Kiss sweeter. Serve swifter. Stand taller.
Hug tighter. Smile wider. Dance wilder.

Live bolder. Act younger. Love deeper.

May you hit the ground running with your hair on fire when the ball drops on the 1st!
Cheers to our opportunities ahead and the promise of the New Year.
I wish you and your family for a joy-filled, peaceful, healthy Christmas and Hanukah.

~ Kimberlie

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