Easter/Passover Blessings

During this time of Easter and Passover blessings and remembrances, a friend sent me the following, and I thought I’d pass it along.

Here’s to many long-time memories and new beginnings for all.


-posted in memory/celebration of the life of Dr. John Griffin of Port Lavaca, Texas (1929-1915)

The beauty of spring reveals
God’s faithfulness in making all things new.
May you experience the Joy of New Life
this Easter Season.

Gracious God,

Spring is a metaphor for change. Some changes we eagerly await, and others we resist. Some changes are planned and others arrive uninvited. To all these changes we ask the gift of Your perspective beckoning us toward expectation, hope, and rebirth.

May the sunlight and the rain be reminders that You are at work renewing all of Earth. As a God of Renewal, You are ever at work in our lives, too. Open our eyes and hearts to needed changes in our lives this Spring. Awaken us to new life and new perspectives…