A New Year/An Advent Beginning

As we begin the 2015 New Year, I am reminded of many wonderful Advent thoughts from internationally-recognized author and speaker, Paula D’Arcy. who wrote Gift of the Red Bird, Sacred Threshold, When People Grieve, and many others. In December 2014 Paula led an on-line retreat entitled Advent: A Pilgrimage of Anticipation.

Here is one particular quote from Paula’s book entitled Advent: A Time of Hope. Perhaps it will be helpful to you as you begin the New Year.

Many New Year blessings, Melody

From Paula D’Arcy:

…”Are you ready to know the reaches of your own heart and the power that lies within? Are you willing to look past what’s occurring on the surface? Are you willing to know deeper love? Sixty minutes is long enough to decide to relate to life differently. It’s long enough to lend yourself to the emergency of something great. It’s long enough to realize that in spite of the beauty of the Christmas story, it will remain a story unless I change the way I relate to my life. Otherwise, I will continue to lead a hurried, harried life and never embody the stillness and fierce love that made itself known in Bethlehem. It will all be words. Nothing changes until the human heart recognizes its own power.”

Being Inspired By …

In the past few weeks I’ve been inspired by numerous authors, including Grace Lanni, a fellow writer based in Austin, Texas.  Grace is a hi-tech entrepreneur who is raising her children as a single mom.  One of the great books she has written is entitled Be Inspired By … Your Teen.  The strategic, easy-to-read book is designed to present New Tools for You to Better Connect with Your Teenager Today!  Check out Grace’s website, and Be Inspired!