Thank you, Troops!

On this Memorial Day 2012, how I yearn for a time in which this is no strife or wars across our universe.  Until that day hopefully happens (yes, we can always hope), I support and publicly express my thanks to our troops, their sacrificing families, and those who have served before.  As well, I am especially mindful of those whose lives have been lost in protecting our freedoms and lands, and their loved ones.  They will not be forgotten.

Many Memorial Day blessings.  Melody

Remembering, and learning from, Matt

One of my friends and colleagues on the My Healing Place Board has put together a terrific blog in honor/memory of her son, Matt, who unfortunately took his own life.  Check out this wonderful blog at:  I highly recommend Janie’s blog for everyone given that we all walk through the shadow of loss, grief and trauma, at different times in our lives, and in many different ways.