Remembering Jeffrey Zaslow

Earlier this year I received an Email from fellow author Jeffrey Zaslow, with whom I had corresponded a time or two over the years, but never met.  Jeff’s amazing books and articles in the area of end-of-life times, especially The Last Lecture, have touched me, and I so admire his work. 

Jeffrey was writing to let me know that he had a new book being released called The Magic Room.  I promised to purchase the book, and make mention of it in an upcoming blog.

Like many others, I was shocked to read that Jeffrey Zaslow was killed last Friday in a car wreck in Michigan as he traveled home from a book talk.  I am so incredibly saddened by this loss, especially for his family and friends. 

Perhaps we can all honor this outstanding writer and reporter by purchasing The Magic Room or one of his earlier books.  Certainly I intend to do just that, as I once again remind myself how fragile and unexpected life’s journeys can be.

Written in admiration/memory of Mr. Jeffrey Zaslow, Author (1958-2012)


Playing the Hand …

Seldom a week goes by that I am not reminded of the inspirational life and words of the amazing Dr. Randy Pausch,  author of The Last Lecture.  What a blessing that Dr. Pausch’s classroom lecture to his students and colleagues at Carnegie Mellon was picked up by the media, and circulated across the country and the world.  Those of us who heard the story, followed Dr. Pausch’s life before his untimely death last year, and read the book by Wall Street Journal columnist, Jeffrey Zaslow, are better people for it!  Certainly my thoughts and prayers have remained with Mrs. Pausch and her children and family.  Hopefully they are doing well.

As a quick follow-up, Author Zaslow has a new book that I am looking forward to reading.  It’s called The Girls from Ames, the story of women and a forty-year friendship.  The Girls book was released earlier this year.  Perhaps you’ll enjoy reading it too.

In closing, here’s one of the many pearls of priceless wisdom from Professor Pausch: 

“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.”
—Randy Pausch