Recovery Today

Recovery Today is a publication of the Institute of Chemical Dependency Studies (ICDS), a nationally recognized instruction Institute that delivers an accelerated curriculum for chemical dependency counselor training.  Part of the Institutes’s mission is to provide information to members of the organization and interested parties, including via its newsletter, Recovery Today.  For more information about this important organization, call 1(866)523-2669 or send an Email to

In this month’s issue (July 2009), be sure and check out the article about the Journeys book entitled “Wisdom from the Mouths of Babes“.  I especially appreciate everyone at the Institute for allowing me to be a Contributing Editor for this month’s newsletter and calling attention to the issue of end-of-life care from a framework of recovery. 

Best wishes to everyone on a journey of recovery.  Melody

New Alliance Launched To Address Urgent Palliative Care Needs

Just recently the Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance (WPCA) launched a new global action network designed to focus exclusively on hospice and palliative care development worldwide. The full press announcement can be found here .

More than 100 million people and their families worldwide need palliative care and support each year; however, it is estimated that only seven percent actually receive it, according to the release.

Dr. Cynthia Goh, co-chair of the WPCA, from the Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network, noted, “Only 15 percent of the world’s countries have hospice and palliative care that is integrated with general health care, so the formation of the WPCA is tremendously positive step forward in helping to meet an overwhelming need.”

The Web site for the newly formed group is here.