Our Incredible CNAs everywhere!

One of the guardian angels about whom I wrote in the Journeys book was a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at an excellent assisted living center in New Braunfels, Texas called Eden Home.  I shall never forget the kindness of this particular CNA, along with the whole staff, the evening my grandmother died.  In fact, after my grandmother died, this fabulous CNA bathed my grandmother’s body, changed her nightgown and combed her hair.  She looked like Sleepy Beauty, full of calm, grace and poise – all because of this CNA angel.

We are blessed to have outstanding CNAs across the country in all types of health care settings.  Perhaps there are many in your own worlds; I hope so. 

Recently Hospice Austin included an article in the July 2009 monthly newsletter entitled ‘The Unsung Heroes: Certified Nursing Assistants’.  I thought you might like to review the article.  Here’s to all of our highly competent and caring CNAs everywhere. 

This blog posting is written in memory of Faye Farley by her granddaughter, Melody