Remembering …

Today is the 11th year anniversary of the death Irma Jeanne Chatelle, my beloved mother who died on November 30th at approximately 7 pm at her home in New Braunfels, Texas.  Although her death was expected, the timing was unusual to me in that Mom died a full two months after a day in August when we were told to ‘send for the family, she will not live beyond today’.  In those two months, she spent time with her precious grand-daughters and family, and perhaps did a lot of mental processing and preparing for her journey from this earthly life.  On that particular evening 11 years ago, shortly after my father slipped out of the house to take a much-needed walk around the block, my mother took her last breath, with me sitting beside her, holding her hand.  I think she did not want to die in front of my father.  How I wish I knew more for certain as to what was going on in her head.

This I do know for certain: I am blessed to have had her, and always have her, as my Mom.  For all those who’ve gone on before us, I am grateful on this post-thanksgiving week.  Melody

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