Pure Soapbox/Pure Fun …

One of the terrific authors in Austin whom I know is Kimberlie Dykeman.  The incredibly-talented Kimberlie has written a terrific new book called Pure SoapBox, published by Wiggy Press , that offers a “cleansing jolt of perspective, motivation, and humor”.  As Kimberlie expains: Pure Soapbox is an “assemblage of virtual transmissions I have shared with clients, friends, and complete strangers across the country for years … each concoction has proven a readily devoured truffle of quotable common sense, oozing a Mary Poppins positive energy, yet delivered with a dash of New York, sarcastic flair, and a swift kick in the pants.”

Here’s knowing that periodically we all could benefit from a swift kick in the pants.  Pure Soapbox is indeed, pure soapbox , and I recommend it highly! 

Happy Reading – Melody